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Movie - Knots (2004)

Leads the ratings - Knots movie (Sex, Love, and Lies).

Movie Premier in 2004.


Cal: You just have to think outside the box... so to speak.
Soundtrack: "Movin' Day" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "Dave's Dilemma" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "Lily's Lure" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "The Restaurant" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "Jungle Drums" Performed by Esquivel, "Fairy Tale" Written by Preston Clarke and Bert Hill Performed by Preston Clarke, "Postcard" Written by Adam Crystal / Jordan Galland / David Muller Performed by 'Dopo Yume' (qv), "Dave's Discovery" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "James Bray" Written by Melissa Roth Performed by Booty Olympics, "Hot Tubbin" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "War Dance for Wooden Indians" Written by 'Raymond Scott' (qv) Performed by 'Russ Case (I)' (qv) and His Orchestra, "Monitor Mambo" Written by 'Dámaso Pérez Prado' (qv) Performed by 'Dámaso Pérez Prado' (qv), "Busted" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "Jake's Song" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) Performed by 'Espen Noreger' (qv) and 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv), "Hansel And Pretzel" Written by 'Henri Rene' (qv) Performed by 'Henri Rene' (qv) and His Orchestra, "Friction" Written by Edwards / Godfrey Performed by 'Morcheeba' (qv), "Ain't We Got Fun" Music by 'Richard A. Whiting' (qv) Lyrics by 'Gus Kahn' (qv) and 'Ray Egan' (qv) Performed by 'Bob Thompson (V)' (qv) and His Orchestra, "As Good As It Gets" Written by 'Espen Noreger' (qv), 'Brian Jones (XX)' (qv) and 'Boots Ottestad' (qv) Performed by 'Boots Ottestad' (qv)
Filming Dates: 7 April 2003 - ?
Mpaa: Rated R for strong sexual content and pervasive language.
Certificates: Finland:K-15, Australia:MA, USA:R
Color Info: Color
Countries: USA
Genres: Comedy
Languages: English
Locations: New York City, New York, USA
Runtimes: 93
Tech Info: RAT:1.85 : 1, CAM:Panasonic Varicam AJ-HDC27V, OFM:Video, PCS:DVC Pro HD
Release Dates: USA:2004, USA:20 April 2004, USA:31 January 2005, Hungary:23 March 2006
A Sex Comedy With A Twist!

In movie have been taken:

Don Abrams (actor)

Reathel Bean (actor)
Birth Notes: Missouri, USA
Discovered Emmanuel Lewis (of "Webster" fame) while jogging in a Brooklyn park and suggested he get into commercials.
Other Works: (December 2002): Plays Man in Auditorium in "Our Town" play by Thornton Wilder (Booth Theater, New York City, New York, USA)., (May 2004): Played Grandpa Gellman in "Caroline, or Change" musical by Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori (Eugene O'Neill Theater, New York City, New York, USA).
Birth Date: 24 August 1942

Michael Bernstein (actor)

Michael Leydon Campbell (actor)
Other Works: (January 2003): Plays Bill in "The Golden Fleece" play by A.R. Gurney (McCadden Place Theater, Hollywood, California, USA).

Scott Cohen (actor)
Articles: "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 2 May 2003, Vol. 1, Iss. 708, pg. 17, by: Caroline Kepnes, "The 5 year plan", "Playboy" (USA), February 2002, Vol. 49, Iss. 2, pg. 40, by: staff, "Clothesline: Scott Cohen", "People Weekly" (USA), 23 April 2001, Vol. 55, Iss. 16, pg. 31, by: Terry Kelleher, "Kiss My Act", "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 25 February 2000, Vol. 1, Iss. 527, pg. 63, by: Ken Tucker, "Call Him Mr. February"
Nicknamed "Mr. February."by Entertainment Weekly, Feb. 2000, due to his ample air time on television, Son, Liam (b. 1995), Plays the piano, The appearance of Scott Cohen on the 2000 NBC miniseries _"The 10th Kingdom" (2000)_ (qv) sparked the development of more than 100 unofficial online fan clubs for Scott within a week.
Scott Cohen be born contained by the Bronx, New York, by the players of December 19th. The son of a Jazz Musician (Jack Cohen), Scott's resourceful aspiration be toward music - and to this event he excess an able and gifted pianist. Scott attend the State University of New York at New Paltz where on earth a schema in clowning lead to the activation of his acting profession. After sprouting his skill in upstate New York, Scott return to the urban where he found donkey work in fleck of a proxy coach, a waiter, a courier, and even at one time a doll mutineer. Finally in 1990 (just after his nuptials ceremony to novelist Anastasia Traina in 1989) Scott was offered his breakthrough role in 'Adrian Lyne' (qv)'s _Jacob's Ladder (1990/I)_ (qv). After completing his highest basic facet image, Scott chronic to climb as a megastar and clutch received critical admiration in patronage of abundant role, both on and bygone its sell-by date the blind.
Height: 6' 1"
Quotes: "I believe in struggle. And I believe that the struggle is beautiful. You have to try it or you will never know what's beyond it."
Birth Notes: The Bronx, New York, USA
Other Works: TV commercial for Volkswagen Passat (1999), TV commercial for Advil (1999), Peter and the Wolf - Narrator, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra - 2000, Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine - Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC (with John Spencer) - 2001, (October 2006): Played Louie Ellis in "Losing Louie" play by Simon Mendes da Costa on Broadway (Biltmore Theater, New York City, New York, USA).
Birth Name: Cohen, Scott E.
Spouse: 'Anastasia Traina' (1989 - present); 1 child
Birth Date: 19 December 1961

Richard M. Davidson (actor)
Birth Notes: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Birth Date: 10 May 1940

Hans Hartman (actor)
Articles: "The Boston Globe" (USA), 12 April 2007, Vol. 271, Iss. 102, pg. 1, by: Denise Taylor, "Children's band ready for close-up", "The Mystic Times" (USA), 6 May 2005, Vol. II, Iss. 17, by: Leslie Rovetti, "Horror and Hartman", "Bank Street Magazine" (USA), 1 May 2005, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 5, by: Rick Emond, "Creative People"
Spouse: 'Elle Jones' (qv) (? - ?); 2 children
Height: 6' 1"
Birth Notes: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Was featured in the longest segment of "Real People" - a story about a family with twenty kids. Interviewed by 'Byron Allen' (qv)., Father of 'Zoe Hartman' (qv) and 'Jack Hartman (I)' (qv)., Uncle of actress 'Ashley Hartman' (qv)., Directed a local access children's show called "Flooky and the Beans".
Birth Date: 30 November 1962

John Heinlein (actor)

Greg Lombardo (actor)

Steve Mastro Jr. (actor)

John Rothman (actor)
Birth Notes: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Spent the summer of 1973 working as the leader of a teen tour of Europe., Starred in his own play the "Impossible H.L. Mencken.", Second cousin of 'Glenn Shadix' (qv)., He is the brother of Tom Rothman, the co-chairman of Fox.
Other Works: Had an unbilled appearence in Unfaithful (2002)., (2005, May-June) Starred in the Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros play The Argument at the off-Broadway Vineyard Theatre, New York, New York.
Birth Date: 3 June 1949

Howard Seigelman (actor)

Scott Snider (actor)

John Stamos (actor)
Articles: "TV Guide" (USA), 16 July 2007, Vol. 55, Iss. 29, pg. 9, by: Cathy Piedmont, "Summer's Hottest Meltdowns! - #4 John Stamos", "TV Guide" (USA), 9 July 2007, Vol. 55, Iss. 28, pg. 9, by: Ali Gazan & Megan Lehmann, "Stamos' Aussie Meltdown", "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 8 December 2006, Vol. 1, Iss. 910, pg. 21-22, by: Lynette Rice, ""Spotlight"", "TV Guide" (USA), 6 November 2006, Vol. 54, Iss. 45, pg. 18-21, by: Jonathon Small, "Medical Miracle", "The Los Angeles Times" (USA), 11 March 2005, by: Robert Lloyd, "Stamos Is a Likable Rogue in Airy 'Jake'", "The New York Observer" (USA), 20 October 2003, Vol. 17, Iss. 40, pg. 25, by: Joe Hagan, "NYTV", "The New York Observer" (USA), 27 May 2002, by: George Gurley, "Uncle Jesse Goes Weimar", "New York Post" (USA), 28 April 2002, pg. 38, by: Farrah Weinstein, "'Full' Spin", "PM Entertainment" (USA), 2002 July, Vol. 28, Iss. 2, "JOHN STAMOS And His Testosterone Laden Turn in "Cabaret"", "People Weekly" (USA), 26 November 2001, Vol. 56, Iss. 22, pg. 84-85, "JOHN STAMOS sexiest comeback", "Soap Opera Weekly" (USA), 16 October 2001, pg. 34-35, by: Joanne Gallo, "Smooth Operator", "The Los Angeles Times" (USA), 16 September 2001, by: Susan King, "'Thieves': Stolen Moments", "New York Post" (USA), 9 September 2001, by: Michael Giltz, "Hangin' With John Stamos", "People Weekly" (USA), 26 June 2000, Vol. 53, Iss. 25, pg. 77, "Full House", "People" (US), 27 September 1999, "Full Spouse", "In Style (Weddings Issue)" (US), June 1999, "Chic To Chic Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos", "Playboy" (USA), July 1996, Vol. 43, Iss. 7, pg. 30, by: staff, "Clothesline: John Stamos", "In Style" (US), May 1995, "wanted: full house", "Entertainment Weekly" (US), 21 May 1993, "'Full' Time", "Peavey Monitor" (US), 1993, "John Stamos Expresses His Musical Side", "Who" (Australia), 18 March 1992, "Born To Be Tied", "Cosmopolitan" (Australia), 1992 July, "Q&A John Stamos", "People" (US), 14 October 1991, "No More Mr Nice Guy", "TV Guide" (US), 5 August 1989, "Goodbye Long Hair-So Long, Fast Times", "US" (USA), 3 October 1988, Vol. 3, pg. 56-58, by: Susan Peters, "John Stamos Draws A 'Full House'"
Dated his _"General Hospital" (1963)_ (qv) co-star 'Demi Moore' (qv)., (24 December 1997) Engaged to model 'Rebecca Romijn' (qv)., (1990) Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world, He purchased a Disneyland entrance sign for over $30,000., Dated 'Paula Abdul' (qv). Once said that if it wasn't for the media, they would still be together., In real life he is very close to 'Mary-Kate Olsen' (qv) and 'Ashley Olsen' (qv), who played his niece Michelle on _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv)., Was considered for the role of Cyclops on _X-Men (2000)_ (qv). The part ultimately went to 'James Marsden (I)' (qv)., Plays the drums, and was the touring drummer for 'The Beach Boys' (qv) at one time., He and his ex-wife 'Rebecca Romijn' (qv), have both guest-starred on the TV show _"Friends" (1994)_ (qv), though not in the same episode., His father was of Greek heritage, and his mother is of Irish and English heritage., Was the first to announce his departure from _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv) after the eighth season because of his disapproval of the shows planned move from ABC to the WB after the eighth season. 'Candace Cameron Bure' (qv) (then yet Candace Cameron) also planned on the eighth season being her last so that she could go to college, so the rest of the cast and crew decided that, instead of having a ninth season, the eighth season on ABC would be the last one for _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv)., Shares the same birthday with _"Friends" (1994)_ (qv) co-star 'Matthew Perry (I)' (qv), Has two younger sisters, Janeen & Alaina., Parents are William 'Bill' John Stamos (1934-1998) & Loretta Phillips., Grew up in Cypress, CA; hometown of fellow _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv) star 'Jodie Sweetin' (qv), 'Michael Fishman (I)' (qv) (DJ on _"Roseanne" (1988)_ (qv)) and 'Tiger Woods' (qv)., Loves 'Elvis Presley' (qv)., Mentioned in film Step Brothers as the one guy the main characters would sleep with if they were a female.
Pictorials: "Veronica" (Netherlands), 15 March 2008, Iss. 11, by: Brunopress/Edwin Janssen, "Harige heren", "People" (USA), November 2001, "Sexiest Man Alive 2001 issue: Sexiest Comeback"
Interviews: "Entertainment Weekly" (USA), 11 November 2005, Vol. 1, Iss. 849, pg. 78, by: Snierson, Dan, ""Stupid Questions"", "TV Guide" (USA), 7 November 2005, Vol. 53, Iss. 45, pg. 27, by: Mary Murphy, "Talking With...John Stamos", "Steppin Out" (USA), 15 May 2002, by: Chaunce Hayden, "John Stamos' Life Isn't Always A Cabaret, But It Still Ain't Bad!", "The Los Angeles Times" (USA), 20 September 2001, by: Robin Rauzi, "My Favorite Weekend John Stamos", "Young Miss" (USA), September 1983, Vol. 31, Iss. 7, pg. 40+43, by: Vicki Jo Radovsky, "General Hospital JOHN STAMOS"
John Stamos' inspired family component autograph be Stamotopoulos, which be cut beside his grandparents when they come to America from Greece. His parents be Bill & Loretta (Phillips), and he enjoy two younger sisters, Janeen & Alaina, both college teacher. His central basic office role was by the operate of Blackie Parrish next to the daytime soap, "General Hospital" (1982-1984), which turned into a 2-year role, all for which he win two Soap Opera Digest Awards (1982 & 1983). In 1987, he get going ahead the role of Jesse on _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv), which is his best-known role to date, spanning 8 years. At his will, the writers of _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv) endow with his nature the ending name of Katsopolis, instead of the original character's name, Cochran, inwardly command to difficulty John's Greek heritage. He has play drum occasionally with 'The Beach Boys' (qv) since 1985, and directed their "Hot Fun in the Summertime" video. More just this minute, he expanded his flesh and blood to embrace the role of J. Pierrepont Finch in Broadway's let go of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!", in 1995, showcasing not only his melodious talent, but his dance facility, and also. On September 19, 1997, he married 'Rebecca Romijn' (qv) of MTV's _"House of Style" (1989)_ (qv), which was the first marital for them both. They be properly detached on March 1, 2005.
Height: 5' 11 1/2"
Quotes: "Mary-Kate ['Mary-Kate Olsen' (qv)] and Ashley ['Ashley Olsen' (qv)], who played Michelle, were great. I miss them, I love them, and I need to borrow some money from them.", [on starring in _"Full House" (1987)_ (qv)] "The whole time I was on it, I wished I was on another show, I'm not gonna lie to you. But I look back on it fondly, and I'm proud of it. Was it _"Seinfeld" (1990)_ (qv), _"Friends" (1994)_ (qv), _"Mary Tyler Moore" (1970)_ (qv)? No. Was it a heartwarming show you could watch with your kids? Yes. And there's nothing wrong with that."

Mike Taranto (actor)

Neil Turitz (actor)

Elliot Villar (actor)

Eric Zuckerman (actor)

Michelle Alonso (actress)

Nathalie Bakker (actress)

Tone Christensen (actress)

Helen Coxe (actress)

Samantha Dark (actress)

Jennifer Dilley (actress)

Sharon Discorfano (actress)

Annabeth Gish (actress)

Rabia Hayek (actress)

Stephanie Kurtzuba (actress)

Linda Larkin (actress)

Melanie Lewis (actress)

Sarah Litzsinger (actress)

Jen MacNeil (actress)

Karen Malecki (actress)

Katie Orenstein (actress)

Marcelle Pilty (actress)

Paulina Porizkova (actress)

Tara Reid (actress)

Andrea Resnick (actress)

Jennifer Schwertman (actress)

Samantha Seigelman (actress)

Jordana Abrams Snider (actress)

KaDee Strickland (actress)

Brette Taylor (actress)

Kathleen Truitt (actress)

Cynthia Vance (actress)

Karen Walton (actress)

Amy Wilkinson (actress)

Dan Abrams (producer)

Oritte Bendory (producer)

Scott Cohen (producer)

Aaron N. Feldman (producer)

Yurgi Ganter (producer)

J. Todd Harris (producer)

Greg Lombardo (producer)

Craig Davis Roth (producer)

Neil Turitz (producer)

Greg Lombardo (writer)

Neil Turitz (writer)

Michael Fimognari (cinematographer)

Joseph Saba (composer)

Amy Westcott (costume designer)

Greg Lombardo (director)

Joe Landauer (editor)

Edmund Bastian (miscellaneous crew)

Michael Bodt (miscellaneous crew)

Andrew Cesna (miscellaneous crew)

Susan Chun (miscellaneous crew)

Jennifer Dilley (miscellaneous crew)

Matt Dowd (miscellaneous crew)

Massoumeh Emami (miscellaneous crew)

Louise Fenton (miscellaneous crew)

Jill Ferguson (miscellaneous crew)

Alex Ferreyra (miscellaneous crew)

Christina Fontana (miscellaneous crew)

Brian Giannone (miscellaneous crew)

Dave Ginsberg (miscellaneous crew)

Prithi Gowda (miscellaneous crew)

Camille Gruman (miscellaneous crew)

Rabia Hayek (miscellaneous crew)

Joshua W. Ingalls (miscellaneous crew)

Christopher K. Lagdamen (miscellaneous crew)

Nicholas Owen Langholff (miscellaneous crew)

Stephanie A. Marquardt (miscellaneous crew)

Kristal D. Moseley (miscellaneous crew)

Jason Mottley (miscellaneous crew)

Raymond L. Negron (miscellaneous crew)

Tanya O'Fair (miscellaneous crew)

Rick Ojeda (miscellaneous crew)

Rick Pendrick (miscellaneous crew)

Dante Pizzinnini (miscellaneous crew)

Tameeka Robinson (miscellaneous crew)

Clarence Sharpe (miscellaneous crew)

Michael Sledd (miscellaneous crew)

Collin Smith (miscellaneous crew)

Robert Smithline (miscellaneous crew)

Sascha Springer (miscellaneous crew)

José Tejada (miscellaneous crew)

Nicholas Thurkettle (miscellaneous crew)

Sean Torrey (miscellaneous crew)

Kathleen Truitt (miscellaneous crew)

Aaron Waiton (miscellaneous crew)

Jeffrey Wellikoff (miscellaneous crew)

Frank Weysos (miscellaneous crew)

Corey C. Witte (miscellaneous crew)

Cherish Magennis (production designer)


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