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The Movie - La ragazza della salina (1957)

Said to be cool La ragazza della salina movie (Mädchen und Männer).

Movie Is being made - in 1957.

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Certificates: West Germany:16, Sweden:15
Color Info: Color
Countries: West Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Languages: Italian
Locations: Piran, Slovenia, Portoroz, Slovenia
Runtimes: 94
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: MET:2550 m, RAT:2.00 : 1, OFM:35 mm, PFM:35 mm
Release Dates: West Germany:27 February 1957, Denmark:10 July 1957, Sweden:31 March 1958

In movie have been taken:

Mario Adorf (actor)
Articles: "Berliner Morgenpost" (insert Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung) (Germany), 3 March 2002, Iss. 9, pg. 1, by: Michael Fuchs, "Mann der Arbeit", german, "Playboy" (Germany), February 1997, pg. 8+9, by: Hellmuth Karasek, "Das Universalgenie"
Lived together with Monique since 1968, before marrying her in 1985., Father of 'Stella Adorf' (qv) (born 1963)., Was raised in Mayen/Eifel, Germany., His father was an Italian surgeon, his mother a German nurse., Former brother-in-law of director 'Michael Verhoeven' (qv)., Wrote several bestselling books like "Der Mäusetöter" (The mice killer, 1992) or "Der Dieb von Trastevere" (The thief of Trastevere, 1995). In 2005, he published "Mit einer Nadel bloß" (With just one needle), which focuses on his mother's life., Started a singing career with his solo program "Al Dente" (1994)., Studied acting at the Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich from 1953 to 1955., Ranked #2 in a survey by _"Unsere Besten" (2003)_ (qv) searching Germany's all-time favorite actors (24 November 2006)., Received Germany's Great Cross of Merit in 2001., Member of the jury at the International Berlin Film Festival in 2007., He has an entry in Jean Tulard's "Dictionnaire du Cinéma/Les Acteurs", published in Paris in 2007 (pgs 12 and 13).
Pictorials: "Playboy" (USA), November 1980, Vol. 27, Iss. 11, pg. 176-177, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex In Cinema 1980"
Biographical Movies: Lebenslaenglich Schauspieler (ARD/WDR 9. 9.1995) Ich bleibe immer neugierig (WDR 26. 12. 1995)
Interviews: "Bild der Frau" (Germany), 29 December 2001, pg. 22-23, by: Rudolph Hertel, "Ich weine mehr als meine Frau"
Mario Adorf, a tell-tale first name indeed. Mario call to be concerned the actor's Italian roots (his father be a Calabrian surgeon) whereas Adorf reveal his German origins (his mother was a radiologist from German-speaking Alsace). As all for the meticulous name Mario Adorf it echo to perfection the assorted role of this live legend's extensive art. Born contained by 1930, Mario Adorf was frozen study amateur dramatics at the familiar Otto Falkenberg School in Munich when he land his preparatory role in the first installment of the "O8/15" succession in 1954. It was a petty fragment but it didn't budge short being seen and get him latest role in German films, the most curious of which specific that of Bruno Lüdke, the spiritually retard serial slayer in Robert Siodmak's 1957 outing de force "Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam". It earn him his first make alert for (the German Film Award of the extraordinary young at heart artist of 1958). After this Mario Adorf's career turned international. His Mediterranean look, his rugged facade, his murky fatty frizzy mane and his volubility made him an a succinct circumstance ago the article villain in European-made westerns, secret agent or mafia films. These flick - made in the 1960s - be generally just commercial and Adorf hammed his parts but he carry out it hence dazzlingly that he alone made them watchable. From the 1970s by the group of, the point of his films enhanced and Adorf could lend his remarkable acting talent to more ambitious works such in stigma of "Il Delitto Matteotti", where on earth he was a striking Mussolini, or "Die Blechtrommel", where he was chilling as a boorish grocer soiled by path of Nazism. The catalogue of excessive director he work beside be moody: Robert Siodmak, Volker Schlöndorff, Wolgang Staudte, Michel Deville, Dino Risi, Mikhaïl Kalatozov, Luigi Comencini, Peter Fleischmann, Billy Wilder, John Frankenheimer, Claude Chabrol, Fassbinder... Likewise he serve loads a great biographer, any in the acting (Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Richard Nash) or the obese or small peak (Grass, Böll, Schnitzler, Heny Miller, Joseph Conrad, Gorky, Patrick Süskind...). He also chirrup and write book (five novel and one memoir). Hyperactive for beyond fifty-five years amazingly presently, Mario Adorf, still in blissful genre at the age of seventy-eight, is still ... hyperactive!
Height: 178 cm
Birth Notes: Zurich, Switzerland
Books: Zurhorst, Meinolf/Blum, Heiko R.: "Mario Adorf - Seine Filme - Sein Leben", Heyne Verag, Munich 1992
Magazine Covers: "Film Revue" (West Germany), 10 November 1959, Vol. 13, Iss. 23
Other Works: (2001) TV ad for Aachen und Münchner Versicherungen (Germany), Provided the voice of Draco (Dragon) in the German version of _Dragonheart (1996)_ (qv)., 1994: appears as himself in a TV portrait by 'Hilde Heim' (qv) "Höchstpersönlich: Mario Adorf" released on 30-9-1994 on ARD Channel.
Spouse: 'Monique Faye Adorf' (1985 - present), 'Lis Verhoeven' (qv) (1963 - ?) (divorced); 1 child
Birth Date: 8 September 1930

Vlado Bacic (actor)

Relja Basic (actor)
Articles: "Iz gledista" (Croatia), 1980, pg. 292,293,475,476, by: Duro Rosic, "Scena" (Yugoslavia), 1977, Vol. 13, Iss. 3, pg. 30, by: Feliks Pasic, "Oni koji su uspjeli (Caruga Relja Basic)", "Drama i pozornica" (Yugoslavia), 1975, pg. 87, by: Nikola Batusic, "Prolog" (Croatia), 1971, Vol. 4, Iss. 14, pg. 98, by: Pero Kvesic, "Portret Relja Basic"
Birth Name: Ba^Úiæ, Relja
Birth Notes: Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
In February of 1993 elected in Upper House of Croatian Parliament., Ranked #5 in Croatian-based monthly film magazine "Hollywood" in «Best Croatian Male Movie Stars of All Time» list. (November 2005)
Birth Date: 14 February 1930

Riccardo Bertoni (actor)
Death Date: 22 December 2003 (cancer)
Birth Notes: Lugano, Switzerland
Riccardo individual be a cast superintendent inside mast of done 30 years. He be co-owner of NB Casting in New York next to Esther Navarro and subsequently (1995 cultivate 1999) he partnered aloft with Beata Rosenbaum. He administer 'Sharon Stone (I)' (qv) her unproved the flicks role while casting the extra for _Stardust Memories (1980)_ (qv) (dir. Woody Allen).
In tally to female a cast chief Riccardo be full of be an artist, soloist and nightclub manager. Woody Allen call next to Riccardo normally to materialize inwardly his films. He's even have a lozenge factor in Federico Fellini's 8 1/2.
Birth Date: 8 November 1933

Peter Carsten (actor)
Spouse: 'Lore' (? - ?); 1 child
Height: 184 cm
Birth Notes: Edelsfeld-Weißenberg, Bavaria, Germany
Birth Name: Ransenthaler, Peter
Married to Lore, one daughter, born 31 August 1957.
Birth Date: 30 April 1928

Eckhard Grill (actor)

Stephan Kayser (actor)

Marjan Kralj (actor)
Death Notes: Ljubljana, Slovenia (cancer)
Birth Notes: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Death Date: 14 December 2002
Birth Date: 9 July 1932

Rudolf Kukic (actor)
Birth Name: Hackl, Rudolf
Birth Notes: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Death Date: 6 December 1978
Death Notes: Zagreb, Croatia
Birth Date: 13 March 1903

Marcello Mastroianni (actor)
Articles: "Diário de Notícias" (Portugal), 13 March 1998, pg. 5, by: JMS, "Para lembrar Marcello", "Nädal" (Estonia), 2 January 1997, Iss. 2, pg. 4, by: Ivar Kümnik, "Ciao, Marcello!", "TV Guia" (Portugal), 1997, Iss. 938, pg. 32-34, "TV Filmes" (Portugal), 1997, Iss. 7, pg. 68, by: Manuel Pereira, "TV Filmes" (Portugal), 1997, Iss. 6, pg. 28, by: Bernardo de Brito e Cunha, "Cinémonde" (France), 14 November 1961, Vol. 29, Iss. 1423, pg. 24-25, by: H.R., "L'art de se faire aimer (V) : le style Mastroianni"
Father of 'Chiara Mastroianni' (qv) and 'Barbara Mastroianni' (qv), Older brother of film editor 'Ruggero Mastroianni' (qv), who edited several of Marcello's films directed by 'Federico Fellini' (qv), From 1971 to 1975 he had an intense relationship with french actress 'Catherine Deneuve' (qv). She was at his bedside when he died, along with their daughter, 'Chiara Mastroianni' (qv)., Told interviewers that 'Federico Fellini' (qv) hired him for _La dolce vita (1960)_ (qv) because he had a "terribly ordinary face"., Uncle of 'Federica Mastroianni' (qv)., 'Federico Fellini' (qv) nicknamed him "Snaporaz" while they are working on _La dolce vita (1960)_ (qv); 20 years later this was the name of the character he played in _La città delle donne (1980)_ (qv)., Since 1998, a "Marcello Mastroianni Award" is given to the best "first time" young actor/actress at the Venice Film Festival., He is buried in the Cimitero Monumentale del Verano in Rome, Italy., During his studies at the Centro Universiatio Teatrale, he got to know 'Luchino Visconti' (qv), who gave him a role in "Un Tram che si chiama desiderio" (A Streetcar Named Desire) under his direction. At that time, he also met 'Anna Magnani' (qv) and 'Federico Fellini' (qv)., His three Oscar nominations for _Divorzio all'italiana (1961)_ (qv), _Una giornata particolare (1977)_ (qv), and _Oci ciornie (1987)_ (qv) are the record for a performer in a foreign language film. The only other performers with multiple Oscar nominations for foreign language films are 'Sophia Loren' (qv), 'Liv Ullmann' (qv) and 'Isabelle Adjani' (qv) with two each., Visited the genius 'Sergei Parajanov' (qv) at his house in Tbilisi, Georgia, Soviet Union in 1980s and then, in July of 1990, along with Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra and Bernardo Bertolucci wrote: "With the death of Sergei Paradjanov cinema lost one of its magicians".
Pictorials: "Votre Beauté" (France), February 1998, Iss. 714, pg. 77, by: Marie-Paule Vandunthun and Eve Zheim, "Comment on embrasse en 1998", "Playboy" (USA), November 1983, Vol. 30, Iss. 11, pg. 149, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex In Cinema 1983", "Playboy" (USA), August 1979, Vol. 26, Iss. 8, pg. 99-103, "Stay As You Are", "Playboy" (USA), November 1978, Vol. 25, Iss. 11, pg. 186, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex in Cinema 1978", "Playboy" (USA), November 1973, Vol. 20, Iss. 11, pg. 153, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex In Cinema 1973", "Playboy" (USA), July 1968, Vol. 15, Iss. 7, pg. 138, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - Part XIX: The Sixties Eros Unbound in Foreign Films", "Playboy" (USA), July 1968, Vol. 15, Iss. 7, pg. 138+140, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - Part XIX: The Sixties Eros Unbound in Foreign Films", "Playboy" (USA), July 1968, Vol. 15, Iss. 7, pg. 131, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - Part XIX: The Sixties Eros Unbound in Foreign Films", "Modern Man Deluxe Quarterly" (USA), 1968, Vol. 8, Iss. Spring, pg. 7, by: staff, "Foreign film: Where it all began", "Bravo" (West Germany), 3 May 1964, Iss. 18, pg. 7, "Hallo Bravo", "Ciné-Revue" (Belgium), 28 June 1962, Vol. 42, Iss. 26, pg. 15, "Cette année encore, vous pouvez assister gratuitement au Festival de Venise"
Trademarks: Often cast as the "Latin Lover"
Biographical Movies: _Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo, sì, io mi ricordo (1997)_ (qv)
Death Notes: Paris, Ile-de-France, France (pancreatic cancer)
Marcello Mastroianni be born bounded by 1924, in Fontana Liri, Italy, but shortly his caravan moved to Turin and after Rome. During WW2 he was send to a German detention centre soldierly camp, but he manage to refuge and squirrel away in Venice. In 1945 he started valid all for the Italian department of "Eagle Lion Films" in Rome and aligned a performing bludgeon, where on earth he was discovered by autocrat 'Luchino Visconti' (qv). He made his "official" pictures debut in the print _I miserabili (1948)_ (qv) and _La bella mugnaia (1955)_ (qv). In 1957 Visconti dispense him the starring module in his 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky' (qv) familiarization _Le notti bianche (1957)_ (qv) and in 1958 he was forfeit by gears of a trifling criminal in 'Mario Monicelli' (qv)'s funniness _I soliti ignoti (1958)_ (qv). But his true breakthrough come in 1960, when 'Federico Fellini' (qv) stoppage him as an natty, weary-eyed dramatist of the Rome jet-set in _La dolce vita (1960)_ (qv); that film was the genesis of his "Latin lover" persona, which Mastroianni himself normally denied by accepting parts of meek and prickly man. He would again profession next to Fellini in several key films, resembling the superlative _8½ (1963)_ (qv) (as a movie director who find himself at a thorn of crisis) and the heart-rending _Ginger e Fred (1986)_ (qv) (as an infirm entertainer who appear in a TV show). He also appear as a dead beat novelist with matrimonial hitches in 'Michelangelo Antonioni' (qv)'s _La notte (1961)_ (qv), as an impotent infantile man in 'Mauro Bolognini' (qv)'s _Il bell'Antonio (1960)_ (qv) , as an exiled prince in 'John Boorman' (qv)'s _Leo the Last (1970)_ (qv), as a spy in Paolo and 'Vittorio Taviani' (qv)'s _Allonsanfàn (1974)_ (qv) and as a sensitive homosexual in admire with a housewife in 'Ettore Scola' (qv)'s _Una giornata particolare (1977)_ (qv). During the ending decade of his vivacity he work with director, like 'Theodoros Angelopoulos' (qv), 'Bertrand Blier' (qv) and 'Raoul Ruiz' (qv), who gave him three unrivalled parts in _Trois vie & une seule mort (1996)_ (qv). He die of pancreatic cancer in 1996.
Height: 176 cm
Quotes: "To play Tarzan - at my age, with a big belly; even Cheetah with white hair. We've had enough strong and beautiful Tarzans!" - at 60, I am not a sex addict., I don't understand why these Americans have to suffer so much to identify with their characters. Me, I just get up there and act. It's great fun. There's no suffering in it., (When asked what keeps him going in his theatrical endeavors) In front of a camera, I feel solid, satisfied. Away from it I am empty, confused., They come for you in the morning in a limousine; they take you to the studio; they stick a pretty girl in your arms... They call that a profession? Come on!, I only exist when I am working on a film., (on his views of women) Woman is the sun, an extraordinary creature, one that makes the imagination gallop. Woman is also the element of conflict. With whom do you argue? With a woman, of course. Not with a friend, because he accepted all your defects the moment he found you. Besides, woman is mother-have we forgotten?

Andreas Reimer (actor)

Hans Reiser (actor)

Stane Sever (actor)

D. Vucic (actor)

Metka Bucar (actress)

Isabelle Corey (actress)

Kai Fischer (actress)

Trude Hesterberg (actress)

Mila Kacic (actress)

Jester Naefe (actress)

Edith Schultze-Westrum (actress)

Heinrich Schier (producer)

Frantisek Cáp (writer)

Vjekoslav Dobrincic (writer)

Johannes Kai (writer)

Václav Vích (cinematographer)

Bert Grund (composer)

Nada Souvan (costume designer)

Frantisek Cáp (director)

Friedel Buckow (editor)

Mirko Lipuzic (production designer)

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